The Future


Despite years of neglect, the potential Dunham Castle holds is immediately seen by anyone who visits. And nobody understands that potential better than Jeff Bussean, the potential buyer of Dunham Castle. He previously purchased and restored a similar property in Joliet, the Patrick C. Haley Mansion. Visit the Patrick C. Haley’s website to see the stunning elegance that has been brought back to that once deteriorated historic building.

Mr. Bussean understands what work needs to be done to not only make the Dunham Castle habitable again, but to make it stand out again as a crown jewel in the Wayne community. Once renovations are completed, the castle will boast modern amenities while enhancing the buildings historic beauty.

Castle Lawn

Like the Patrick C. Haley Mansion, the renovated Dunham Castle will host weddings and other events.
A new grand entrance will be constructed off Dunham Road approximately 350 feet north of Army Trail Road creating a beautiful entrance to the Dunham Castle.

In addition, a Dunham Castle Museum will house artifacts from the castle and the town’s history. There will also be a fine arts center available for use by the community. We anticipate having the castle open frequently for tours and events.